Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Bug Season in Japan

It's that time of year again! It's Spring going on Summer and in Japan that means that it's time for kids all around the country to break out their bug nets as well as start nagging their parents to acquire some large insects for them.

Every store from Izumiya to Toys R Us is stocked with large beetles that kids take home for the summer to nurture and love. Although a hobby I can't really see catching on in the United States or Canada, here in japan,it's a hit!

This is a beetle that a student in the class across the hallway from mine brought in last week as a class pet. the 4 year old student, dubbed this fine animal, "Snoopy." That's right....Snoopy! When I think black, slithery beetle....the size of a cell phone...I think Snoopy!

I wandered into the local Toys R Us this afternoon and what did I see? I saw the entire large bug display area. This particular critter, about half the size of my hand (I have small hands) was going for about $45.00 Canadian. Then you have to buy all the cool bug accessories such as the bug cage, woood block (for lounging) food gels and wood chips.

On a non bug note, but more of an amphibian note...I took my class to a local park this morning in hopes of collecting life. I snatched this over sized tadpole for them to investigate. It is actually the biggest one I've ever seen, let alone caught.

This beastie is spending the night in my classroom in a small aquarium, but I will release him in the same pond I caught him during my lunch break tomorrow. GOOD TIMES!

Here's a REALLY OLD video....from more than a year ago.....I caught these Japanese giant beetles getting it on!

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