Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sakura and Weird Japanese Candy

Yesterday was a rainy day here in the Kansai, but a nice one nontheless. I went to Nishinomiya 西宮 and to the Sukugawa (Suku River) to check out the cherry blossoms. This place is so famous amongst Japanese for cherry blossom viewing that the train station is actually called, "Sakura Station" さくら夙川駅. Most of them were out. Most people weren't able to have their Hanami parties, but some rather clever groups had jerry-rigged tarps over their heads and were able to party all afternoon!

Some sakura (cherry blossom pictures):

A few days ago I recieved a surprise package in the mail. I quickly noticed the name "runnyrunny999." I know him from the world of You Tube. He's a fellow v-logger here in Japan. Recently he hit 100 subscribers and had a contest. He was giving away odd and bizarre flavours of "Japan only" Kat Kat bars. I WON!! Thanks runnyrunny999. I he sent me a package of Carmel Corn, some Umeboshi (plum) snacks and the "Yuzu Hot Pepper" Kit Kats. Yuzu is a Chinese citrus fruit. It's a cross between a lemon and a lime.

Yuzu and Hot Pepper Kit Kats.

Here's a video I made last year where I taste tested some different "Japan Only" Kit Kat bars.
Japanese Snack Attack

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acarobertson said...

The "Yuzu Hot Pepper" Kit Kats look good!