Monday, April 20, 2009

Giant Spiders and Lunch

I'm supposed to have a picnic with my class tomorrow morning, but by the looks of the weather forecast, that won't be happening. Too bad. I worked my butt off tonight (I exagerrate)to make a bento box. I went to my local supermarket, bought a lunch box, came home and got to work. You can see the end result.

My wife tells me that I make a lunch box like a Japanese woman! I love a loaded compliment!

And in other news (not that the above qualifies in any way as news):

Giant 'spiders' march through Yokohama

Two huge mechanical spiders marched through the streets of Yokohama on Sunday as part of events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the city’s port. The 12-meter-high, 37-ton spiders with eight legs, operated by members of La Machine, a French art performance group, paraded near Yokohama port. They were followed by musicians performing on raised platforms attached to accompanying vehicles. Read More...

English lessons by 91-year-old woman in Kagoshima gaining popularity


A 91-year-old woman, who spent her early years in the United States, is giving English lessons at her home in Kagoshima, which is gaining popularity among people who feel that regular English schools are difficult to follow. Hatsune Honda started the Grandma’s English Salon in June 2004. She was born in Taiwan on Dec 15, 1917 but grew up in Los Angeles until she turned 13 years old.

Honda was once an interpreter for Sean Connery when the Scottish actor was filming in Kagoshima in 1966 for the movie, ‘‘You Only Live Twice’‘—the fifth James Bond film in the series. For her, English is easier to speak than Japanese. Read More...

I posted a new You Tube video on my BusanKevin Channel last night. I was wandering around downtown Kobe yesterday afternoon when I stumbled across a samba party. Luckily, being the You Tube geek that I am, I had my camera in my pocket to capture the event.

Japanese Samba Party

In my quest to find more cool and informative podcasts to listen to, I downloaded a few episodes of Planet Japan Podcast and will give them a try during my commute tomorrow. This podcast won the "Best of the Best" award at the Japan Podcaster Awards last year.

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