Friday, February 3, 2012

A Japan Week in Pictures

A few photos I took with my phone this week in and around Kobe, Japan where I live.. Hope you like them!

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 Cool wheels

 Blue skies

 Almost home after a day at work.

 Playing cars with my son.

Almost home (6:00pm).


Atley said...

Those are some radical wheels!

Kevin O said...

@Atley yeah. i passed that bike on the way to the train station yesterday morning! I thought it was pretty cool. I haven't seen such a modern looking folding bike!

cdncarlie said...

Those little toy cars are so cute :D

Gaijin Wife said...

You take great photos. I love the last one. Japan has some crazy wheels. I was about to say I wonder if it was folding - until I say your comment. Folding cool-ness. Great.