Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teaching in Asia: Private Lessons

If you ever have the opportunity to teach in Asia, you will quickly learn that a great way to supplement your income is with private lessons. There can definitely be benefits to teaching them, but depending on where you live and what sort of visa you have, there may be risks as well.

Watch my "Teaching in Asia: Private Lessons" video to find out more!


Prof. MacD said...

Wow! Outstanding video, Kevin. Excellent presentation style and great editing. I don't plan on teaching in Asia, but you held my interest with your wit and nice use of different shots.
~Michael MacDonald~

Anonymous said...

Good video. I've been thinking about private lessons in Japan, and the whole tax thing has me thinking. I guess the only ways to go through the tax paying procedure are to keep full records of income and report it when it's time to do income taxes, or to establish a company. But I'm not entire sure about this. Just my guess.

David said...

Well I think in Asia the kind or methods of education are different from the American methods. But also I think that every person learn if he or she want to.

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