Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets....Oh Canada!

Is this a Japan-centric blog? Maybe. I do afterall live in Japan so I suppose I write a lot about the place I live in.

If I lived in Korea, this would be a Korea-centric blog.

When I make the move back to Canada, it will be a Canada-centric blog. Today, although I am in Japan, I want to make this post a little….no wait!!!! I want to make it VERY Canada–centric.

This is Canada’s day for hockey. In 1996, Canada lost the Winnipeg Jets. It hs been the dream of thousands of Canadians that the city of Winnipeg would someday acquire a new NHL hockey franchise. Today that happened. True North Sports Entertainment, bought the Atlanta Thrashers franchise and will be moving them north to Winnipeg for the 2011-2012 season. I am definitely happy for the fine folks of Manitoba’s largest city.

Now, am I a hard core hockey fan? No I am not. Do I enjoy hockey? You better believe it! Am I happy that Canada now has a 7th NHL hockey francise? You better believe it.

Also, the Vancouver Canucks, another one of Canada's few NHL teams begin playing the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals this week. have I always been a Canucks's fan? No I haven't. Am I happy there is a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup finals? You bet your ASS I am!

Go Canucks Go!!!

Go Jets Go!!!


Anonymous said...

Sweetness, eh?

Have you been able to watch any of the games online? I'm subscribed to NHL Gamecenter which is pretty useful here in Korea because there aren't any broadcast blackouts.

Here's hoping the new Winnipeg team can be (financially) successful!

Chad Vieth said...

Same here, I am not a huge fan, but I am so excited that there is at least one Canuck (lol)team in this series.
Also glad to see the return of the "jets" not sure if they will have the same name. Personally there are too many teams where there is no snow. :(

Anonymous said...

As an American from the North East, I hate practically everything about the South haha. Seeing Atlanta lose their team made me quite, sadistically, happy. ^-^;; I'm quite please for Winnipeg! Best of luck to them. (Though as a Philly native, I still bleed orange and black for my Flyers... as painful as it is at times to be a fan haha).

S.E.B & J.A.D. said...


I just love hockey! it's my favorite sport and I think you should add more pictures about it, by the way, how many hockey players are in Japan? it's going to be an interesting question to build a up coming post.