Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Spring Week in Japan

With the addition of running to my life, things have gotten a lot busier. Since going back to work this week and training again, I have precious little time in the day to even think about blogging and even that time will be reduced in the coming weeks.

I wanted to share some photos I took this week with my iPhone.

A spring week in Japan:


Kaori said...

Your spring photos are fantastic! I really do love spring, maybe more so this year than every before :-)

aMz88 said...

lovely pictures sensei kevin ^___^


Domo..Domo.. for the SIGNS of Spring...'s like waking up in the morning and a new start..
we have a few signs..but no temps yet here..

Atley said...

very artistic . love the pic of the plank with the flowers falling between boards.