Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Love You Jimmy Dean

Not to be confused with James Dean of "Rebel Without a Cause" fame, Jimmy Dean is a brand of American sausages. I came across these awesome little fellas a few weeks ago at my local supermarket in Kobe (Port Island Daiei) and stocked up. I bought four or five packs and threw them in my freezer. They are so delicious and totally take me back home in a manner of speaking!

It's quite easy to buy foreign food in this part of Japan. there are so many expats living in the area and Japanese people with an interest in all things foreign that there are many shops that see this sort of thing. I suppose I am pretty lucky for that.

When I first arrived in Asia in early February 2002, I lived in a small city north of Seoul in Korea. When I lived there I was happy about the fact that I could buy ketchup in Korea. As far as other foreign foods went, I was pretty much out of luck. My friends and I would occasionally make the trek into Seoul and the foreign ghetto area, Itaewon. There was a place called Gel's Deli (probably spelled that wrong), which is now long gone(I think). That's where we would buy our very overpriced foreign treats. Now I've heard that there is a much more readily available stock of foreign food goods throughout Korea.

To be honest, I rarely buy foreign food in Japan. I love Japanese food and my wife and I normally cook all of our meals at home. It is great however, to have the option if I want it.


Wanderer said...

I think the sausages are named after or were endorsed by the actor of the same name. Perhaps I'll Google it later just to be sure!

I always love sausages with eggs for breakfast... AFTER my customary 2 cups of dark roast.

Anonymous said...

Jo and I usually have sausages and egg for breakfast with some Korean white rice. I will usually add some sweet chili sauce.... and maybe two pots of coffee!

Jo and I usually make a variety of food, but often will eat out on the weekends, since it rather cheap and we're on the go.

DharmaBum said...

Ooh, those are good. You think Seoul was bad, you should try Pohang. At least there were places to find tortillas up north. No such luck here.