Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Half-Marathon

Last Sunday I ran the Kobe Valentines Love Run Half Marathon for the second time. It was supposed to rain on Sunday, but ended up being a beautiful sunny day. I bested last years' effort by several minutes. I ran the half in 1 hour 45 minutes and 39 seconds. I'm feeling pretty confident leading up to the Tokyo Marathon. The only thing that makes me a little worried is that I haven't had the chance to put in some serious long runs. I have only had a few of 25 kilometers or more.

The shirt was given for participating in the run. This year it was a technical fabric shirt which is cool because I can use it for running, but I suppose I really won't feel very masculine while doing so!

I've been following the story about director Kevin Smith being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for "being too fat" for the last few days. I'm a huge Smith fan and love listening to his SModcast podcast. Yesterday in an "emergency" SModcast, he railed about the whole situation. Very entertaining to say the least. I hope Kevin Smith gets a few heads rolling within their organization!

Director Kevin Smith told he was 'too big' to fly
Clerks director Kevin Smith has revealed he was asked to get off a plane in the US because he was too big for the seats.
The 39-year-old claimed a pilot ejected him from the Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Burbank, California, saying he did not fit in a single seat.

Smith complained about the incident on his Twitter account saying: "I'm way fat, but I'm not there just yet."
Southwest issued an apology to the director via Twitter and its website.

In a statement titled Not So Silent Bob - a jovial jab at the Silent Bob character Smith plays in several of his films - the airline said: "We would like to echo our tweets and again offer our heartfelt apologies to you."

The statement continued: "Our pilots are responsible for the safety and comfort of all customers on the aircraft and therefore, made the determination that Mr Smith needed more than one seat to complete his flight."
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