Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kyoto Nights and stuff

Another weekend has come and gone and my very long and enjoyable Obon Holiday week has come to an end. Like millions of other folks across the fine country of Japan, I will be draggin my weary bones into the office tomorrow morning. My wife certainly feels no pity for me since she unfortunately had to work all last week (she does like her job though).

Last Friday I went to Kyoto and met with a newcomer to the country. Although he has visited a few times before, this is Dusty's (aka....DeeDoubleYou81 of You Tube Fame) first time living here. He came here a few weeks ago and is teaching English in Japanese high schools s part of the JET Program. Also meeting us was KanaiPJ and reyonaldsair. we had some drinks, ate some food and generally had a lot of laughs.

Oh yeah....everyone! I got a new hair cut this afternoon. It is really damn hot here in japan, but I have also officially (a few weeks ago) begun marathon training. I will run the Osaka Yodogawa Marathon again this year and maybe a few other runs this Fall.

Dusty taking a picture of himself infront of Kyoto Tower before he journeyed off into the deep recesses of Shiga!

Kyoto Tower at night. Looks cool at night once lit up, but during the day you realize it's basically a large antenna attached to a ghetto motel!

Kevin (BusanKevin) and Dusty (deeDoubleYou81) hangin and having a few drinks in Kyoto.

Johnathan (reynoldsair) and PJ (KansaiPJ) hangin and relaxin in the same joint!

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