Saturday, August 22, 2009

Japanese Toilets and H1N1

Another weekend and another bit of H1N1 news in Japan "Sugoy"....lots of sarcasm there:

New flu enters epidemic stage in Japan as number of cases rises

Another unfortunate case of bad english in a Japanese retail business. I know of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, but haven't heard of his "urine soaked" colleague!


Last week I went to Kyoto to visit some fellow You Tube video bloggers. While there, we went to a bar and check out the bizarre contraption in the men's room. I have never seen something like this. It appears to be some sort of urinal, but one that possibly more than one person could use at a time. I suppose this sort of urinal could lead to some sword fighting and a possible mess everywhere. Two of my friends who were there, who are long time Japan residents also said that they had never seen anything like this before.

Bizarre Japanese urinal.

More strange men's room goodness in Kyoto, Japan!

6pm in Osaka. Near Tennoji Station in a bar called Tin's Hall.

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