Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Congrats Kanpei-san on Crossing the Eurasian Continent

Osaka born comedian Hazama Kanpei, better known as Kanpei-san is almost finished his around the world running oddessy. After 741 days of running he has crossed North America and as of yesterday, the entire Eurasian continent on foot. He is an impressive guy and someone I really admire as both a person and a runnner. During this amazing adventure he also battle prostate cancer. This guy is simply amazing.

Hazama Kanpei, aka Kanpei-san finishing his Eurasian Continent run in China!

This is one of his daily videos. It shows him finishing his Eurasian Continent crossing.

Check out his English Earth Marathon website.

Also, check Kanpei-san out on his You Tube channel. He uploads daily videos of his running.

Kanpei-san will now take a sailboat from Qingdao to Fukuoka. He will then run to Osaka where his journey will come to an end in January. I realy hope I have the chance to be in Osaka and cheers for him when he arrives!

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