Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heat Waves, Starbucks and the Blackberry

We've ben suffering through a very nasty spell here in Japan. The summer was drawing to a close and good ole Mother Nature decided to give us the proverbial bitch slap with a heat wave. The temperatures all last week were in the mid 40's with the humidex. it was utter hell! Thankfully things have cooled down to the high 30's. It still sucks, but I think it is slightly better.

Japan is great, but the summers suck. i think many a person would agree!

Looks Like Canada 7: Battle of the Blackberry is now online. This is episode 7 of my new podcast series about all things Canadian. This week I look at one of the most popular smartphones in the world. I also look at the recent controversy RIM (Research in Motion) are facing in the Middle east with many countries wanting to ban the Blackberry.

On a lighter note....i have a new haircut. I'm living in the middle of a heat-wave and decided to have it taken down nice and tight. Feels good!

I saw this sign outside of a Starbucks in Sannomiya. I had a brief chance to head downtown today. These days, with the new baby, leaving the house is something I don't have many chances to do!

I used to drink Starbucks 5 pr 6 times a week. I don't have so many chances these days. this was my first "Bucks" in more than 2 weeks. I really enjoyed my tall latte!

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